About Us


I worked in the booktrade for over 20 years, but never worked with music books so decided to form Soundcheck Books which marries my passion for music and books. My musical taste is mainly country, with some prog and psychedelic rock thrown in. My favourite band ever is Man, which is apt as I was born in Wales. Reading Deke Leonard’s brilliant Rhinos, Winos And Lunatics was instrumental in making me think I could start a publishing company, though Michael Heatley of Northdown, who publish the book, did his best to dissuade me (Cheers, Michael, I’d be richer if I’d listened to you!). I play the guitar, ukulele and write songs – I’ve even been known to perform a few live on the uke. I’ve even done a bit of stand up comedy before Soundcheck Books decided to take up all my time.

I handle the day to day running of the company so come to me as your first port of call, whatever your query.


I’ve been working with books for more years than I care to remember, in university libraries. After years of dealing with science textbooks, it’s great to work with books on subjects that interest me.  I work behind the scenes on producing the books, particularly our Kindle editions, and updating the web site.