The Autobiography Of Judy DybleJudyDybleFrontCover72

By Judy Dyble with Dave Thompson


* Published: April 2016
* Paperback and Kindle
* ISBN: 9780993212031
* 252 pages
* Many previously unseen photographs from Judy’s personal collection
* UK Price: £16.99


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It’s all been a question of being in the right place at the right time and saying ‘yes’ to everything and hoping to be entertained and amused and not get into too much trouble… – Judy Dyble

A Folk Rock legend, Judy Dyble was the original female vocalist with Fairport Convention as they set out to rewrite the story of traditional music from within the crucible of London’s 1967 psychedelic scene.

Sharing a stage with Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and other greats, Judy and the Fairports were regulars at legendary venues such as UFO and the Speakeasy, before Judy departed to continue her journey through the realms of progressive rock, jazz and today’s burgeoning, bristling acid folk scene.

Written with Judy’s inimitable piquant humour and warm observation, An Accidental Musician is a saga of love, loss and laughter that begins in the folk clubs of the early 1960s and continues right up to the present day, in the company of Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings, Ian McDonald (Foreigner), Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Jackie McAuley (Them), Steve and Phil Miller, Lol Coxhill, Marc Swordfish (Astralasia), Tim Bowness and many more.

Dave Thompson is the British born author of over 100 books, largely dealing with rock and pop music (The Fall, Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, The Sparks and many more), but also covering film, sports, philately, numismatics and erotica.

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