Are You Ready? Thin Lizzy: Album by Album

Press Release

Are You Ready? Thin Lizzy: Album by Album

by Alan Byrne




* Format: Paperback

* Price: £14.99

*Available: October 2015

* ISBN: 978-0-9929480-8-5



The Story Behind Thin Lizzy’s Studio Shenanigans

Thin Lizzy were, rightly, regarded as a great live act, which sometimes means their studio work (and play) gets somewhat overlooked.

Irish author Alan Byrne rectifies this in the final instalment of his trilogy of Lizzy/Lynott books, as he analyses how all their albums – from 1971’s Thin Lizzy to 1983’s Life:Live – got made (or sometimes nearly didn’t!). He interviewed band members, such as Eric Bell, Brian Downey, Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson along with Snowy White (who rarely discusses his time in Lizzy).

Byrne also tracked down producers and engineers such as Will Reid Dick, Kit Woolven and Chris Tsangarides, as well as photographer Chalkie Davies (who took the classic Lynott cover shot for Live And Dangerous), Jim Fitzpatrick who did many of the sleeves, and a host of others.

Whilst this isn’t a sensationalist book, it inevitably looks at the infighting and substance abuse that caused friction in the studio. As Kit Woolven says: “Thin Lizzy were sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll personified, quite possibly in that order.”

The book is rounded off nicely with some previously unseen photos.

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