Are You Ready?

Thin Lizzy: Album by AlbumAreYouReadyFC-72

 by Alan Byrne

  • Published: September 2015
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780992948085
  • 2 x 8 page plates sections
  • Price: £14.99


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In The Studio With Rock Legends Thin Lizzy

January 2016 sees the 30th anniversary of the death of Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy’s charismatic frontman, who was also a much underrated songwriter.

Lizzy are often thought of as a live band (and they were superb on stage), so how their albums were made is often overlooked … until now.

Lizzy fan Alan Byrne rectifies the omission with this timely album-by-album account of how the records got made (or nearly didn’t in some cases!), using original interviews with many of the musicians, producers, friends and even the photographers who shot the pictures for the covers. No stone is left unturned in this exhaustive book, which will make it a must read for Lizzy’s army of fans. The book also features previously unseen photos taken by fans, which is a lovely touch.

This is the first time the story has been told in this level of depth. Beginning with the eponymously titled 1971 LP, Byrne examines every album made in the Lynott era, culminating in 1983’s Thunder And Lightning.

Amongst the interviewees are band members Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson and Brian Downey from the classic era. Interestingly, guitarist Snowy White has also given an interview, which is a coup as the reserved musician normally doesn’t talk about his time with this boisterous band.

Whilst this is a serious study of Lizzy’s output, Byrne inevitably has to include some of the wilder stories, which give an insight into what life was like in a band that breakfasted on excess. It also charts Lizzy’s rise from struggling wannabes to rock superstars with multi-platinum albums under their belts.

It is also the story of an innovative legacy that still reverberates today, 30 years after Phil Lynott’s passing. The music he helped to pioneer influences musicians today and each new generation brings more fans who fall under the spell of one of rock’s greatest ever bands.

About the Author

Alan Byrne has followed Thin Lizzy for many years. He has previously written two books on the subject: Philip Lynott: Renegade Of Thin Lizzy (Mentor Books, 2012) and Thin Lizzy (SAF, 2005)

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