Emerson Lake and Palmer In Concert 1970 – 1979

By Garry Freeman

A blow-by-blow account of over 150 ELP gigs from every tour in the ’70s! Featuring rare photos and memorabilia

    • Published: October 2012
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 9780956642080
    • Price: £14.99

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Back in the year 2000 a teacher called Garry Freeman contacted his drumming idol Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame to ask him if he would run one of his drum circles for hearing impaired children at Garry’s school. Palmer, being a nice guy, said yes, and this was the start of a friendship.

Freeman had always wanted to write a book about the band, but everyone said there was no way ELP would ever cooperate: they were supposed to be aloof superstars, after all.  Don’t ask, don’t get: Garry asked and Garry got. Their New York management company was really helpful and got him access to the band who were, in his words, ‘perfect gentlemen’ providing technical and musical information about their shows. Tony Ortiz, the band’s archivist has been incredible too.

The result is a unique book, which analyzes over 150 gigs ELP did in the 1970s, plus the 2010 comeback concert. Garry was at some of the UK ones, but he has spent countless hours listening to records (some bootlegs – after all, his other book is the Bootleg Guide) and watching DVDs.

This is one for the fans only, but there are plenty of them: ELP are huge amongst progressive rock fans. The forums are already buzzing with anticipation about this book. In addition to Garry’s words, there are loads of exclusive photos and memorabilia including one of their gig riders and even the technical stage details for roadies to follow.

Jim Davidson, sometimes referred to as the 4th member of the band, provides an enthusiastic foreword. Don’t forget, when he presented the Generation Game on BBC TV he had the theme tune changed to ELP’s ‘Welcome Back My Friends’.

About the Author

Garry Freeman is Director of Inclusion at a school in Leeds. A massive ELP fan, this book is the culmination of nearly 10 years work. He also wrote The Bootleg Guide (Scarecrow Press 2003). He is available to promote the book, particularly, but not exclusively, during school holidays.

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