A Chronicle Of The Stranglers: 1974-1990Stranglers cover

By Robert Endeacott

The Gory Glory Years Of The Stranglers Uncovered

  • Published July 2014
  • ISBN 9780957570047
  • Rare and previously unseen photos
  • £14.99 Paperback
  • Also available for Kindle

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Get A Grip On The Stranglers’ History

Formed in 1974, The Stranglers came on to the scene just as ‘Time gentlemen please’ was being called on Pub Rock, which mutated into Punk and New Wave.

Never truly accepted as Punks, The Stranglers ploughed their own more melodic and thoughtful furrow. As JJ Burnel said: ‘Were we Punk? Could I give a fuck?’ The point is though, they have outlasted their contemporaries and are still going strong to this day.

Author and über fan Robert Endeacott traces The Stranglers’ stormy story from birth to 1990, when founder member Hugh Cornwell quit the band, its first major line-up change. Written loosely in a diary format – with a mix of original interviews and extensive research – Peaches charts the key events, albums and gigs in the group’s history, as well as covering some overlooked incidents that fans will want to read about.

In fact, this is very much a fans’ book. The author is active within The Stranglers’ community and many contributions and anecdotes from fans are included, along with some rare and previously unseen photos.

About The Author

Born in Leeds in 1965, Robert Endeacott first found The Stranglers in 1978 when someone gave him a copy (probably lent him it actually) of The Stranglers’ single ‘Five Minutes’ and so a lifelong attachment began. His writing ‘career’ began early this century with the release of One Northern Soul then the sequel No More Heroes, semi-autobiographical tales of a Stranglers fan trying to grow up in the dark ’80s of West Yorkshire.

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