Peaches: A Chronicle Of The Stranglers

Press Release

A Chronicle Of The Stranglers, 1974-1990

By Robert Endeacott

Stranglers cover

Format: Paperback

Price: £14.99

Available: 8th July 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9575700-4-7

A Look Back At The Golden Years Of The Stranglers

The Stranglers celebrate their 40th anniversary in September 2014, making this book very timely. It covers the period from the band’s inception until 1990, when Hugh Cornwell quit, which is probably the era most folks best remember.

Written in the form of diary entries, a bit like George Gimarc’s Punk Diary, über fan Robert Endeacott covers all the key events in the band’s history, year-by-year, using a mixture of original interviews and extensive research. In addition, he also picks out key events and themes and discusses them in more depth, along with reviews of the band’s albums and solo projects.

Endeacott is very active on Stranglers forums and has made friends with many other fans. Some of these have contributed their thoughts or reviews of gigs they attended. This is a nice touch, as the book is very much ‘by the fans, for the fans’.

Other fans have contributed photos or memorabilia, which are scattered throughout the book and reproduced in black and white, which, along with the typography, gives the whole book the feel of a punk fanzine.

Robert Endeacott lives in Leeds and is a massive fan of Leeds United. His previous books have been about the football club; this is his first book about music. Endeacott has a very endearing witty writing style which suits the subject matter well.

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