Growing Up With The Sex Pistols
by Alan G. Parker with Mick O’Shea Young Flesh Required front cover

Alan G. Parker has forgotten more about the Sex Pistols than most writers could research in a lifetime – London Evening Standard

Published: June 2011
ISBN: 9780956642011
Price: £12.99 paperback
336 pages including black and white photo section

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This book features many unique anecdotes about the Sex Pistols from inception to (numerous) comeback gigs. Parker’s close relationship to Malcolm McLaren, Glen Matlock and Anne Ritchie gives him a privileged inside view of the band, making it essentially a very personal view.

The book has to cover the obvious ground, such as the infamous Grundy interview or the death of Sid Vicious, but it is the new anecdotes that will appeal to fans – anecdotes supplied by people who were there, such as the roadie Roadent who quit working for the Clash for the Pistols and therefore is well placed to comment on the feud between the two bands. His resignation speech to Mick Jones, who was becoming a bit precious in those days, is worth the book price alone ‘You don’t want a fxxxxxg’ roadie, you want a fxxxxxg valet!”

Alan G. Parker has written 17 books including three on Sid Vicious (the best known being Sid Vicious: No One Is Innocent for Orion, 2007), as well as on bands as diverse as Slade and The Who.
He is now a documentary director; his films include Almost the Truth about Monty Python and Who Killed Nancy (which won him Radio 6’s Best Director of the Year for 2009).

Mick O’Shea has written The Guns And Roses Encyclopaedia (Chrome Dreams), Only Anarchists Are Pretty; The Early Days Of The Sex Pistols (Helter Skelter) amongst other works.

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